What is included with a VIP Table?

The only dedicated seating in the restaurant

A reserved table with 8 chairs

Party Favors a Décor

A Bottle of Champagne

Dedicated Cocktail Server, avoid the bar lines!

How do I buy tickets?

Buy your tickets NOW over the phone.

Or Online: Here

Can I buy tickets at the door?

            You can, but tickets will increase to $100 at the door.

What is included in the UPGRADED Liquor

            Titos Vodka, Tanqueray, Bacardi, Capt’n Morgan, Jack Daniels, Crown Royal, Dewars

NO SHOTS, NO Redbull (Redbull avail, for $2 upcharge), All Drinks must contain a


What kind of “crowd” will there be?

            Honestly, all ages. It’s a large, fun party crowd

What is the attire?

            NYE Casual to Cocktail Attire ~ Whatever you want, just look cute!

Is Gratuity Included?

Gratuity not included in the price, if you take care of your servers they will take care of you.

Are there going to be Cabs?

            There should be cabs roaming the area and we have plenty of business

cards at the hostess stand

Are Kids Allowed?

            No, the event is strictly 21+

Everyone’s ID will be checked at the door

Does everyone in my group have to arrive together?

No, the person’s name who purchased the tickets MUST be the first to arrive.  They will receive all the wristbands they paid for, if someone joins you later you are responsible for meeting them at the front door and giving them their wristband – no one will be allowed past the front doors without a wristband.

How do I pick up my ticket?

            There are no “physical” ticket, all names will be on a Will Call sheet.